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Psychological Design is a fully registered architectural practice that provides professional architectural services from design to DA to construction in all building classes, including Class 2 and Class 9a. We also provide specialist consultancy services for other firm’s projects and invite collaboration and joint ventures with other organisations.

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We’re world leaders in the design of health facilities, because we not only understand that health facilities have to be supremely efficient, but that there’s a lot that can be done to improve the recovery rates and other outcomes above and beyond the mainstays of good healthcare design – functional planning and views of nature. We are also specialists in architecture that requires a greater understanding of it’s inhabitants including educational design, aged care, residential design and more.

Psychological Design is a fully registered practice that provides professional architectural services from design to DA to construction and also provides specialist consultancy services for large projects and collaborations.

We take evidence-based design very seriously. Nobody has better access and is better informed about the constant flow of evidence than we are, and very few architects are able (or even qualified) to turn high-level science into practical approaches that aren’t lost in translation to bricks and mortar.

Most of the evidence about health facility design challenges orthodoxy in one way or another, but almost everything points to the powerful benefits of patient-centred models of care. These can’t be applied like paint – and work best when they’re designed into the very fabric of the building.

As knowledge leaders in this field, we lecture on the subject and work closely with many larger architectural firms wherever they are in the world (normally such collaborations are needed to put together a hospital).

Dr Jan Golembiewski

BFA, BArchSt, MArch, PhD, AIA

Registered Architect (all classes) NSW 9714

Dr Jan Golembiewski is the director of Psychological Design and is our nominated registered architect. He is one of the world’s leading architects driving innovation in evidence-based architectural and urban design. His research around behavioural, affective and psychological reactions to the physical environment places him at the centre of current thinking about the effects of design and health. His work has earned him a fellowship in the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health. His work around problem-solving in this space is also important, not only in the field of design, but in neuroscience earning another fellowship: he is the only designer in the Schizophrenia Research Institute.


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